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Flight Rising

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May 23 '13

Question and Answer 29

inventrix asked: Can you breed one of your dragons with one of someone else’s? If so, how does the game determine who gets the eggs?

You are unable to breed with another user’s dragons. However, we allow for the trade of dragons and offspring through a trading system (dragon for dragon, or dragon for treasure/gems), as well as direct sales through our auction house.

angelicophelia asked: Heya! I’m super excited for this game, already coming up with plans and schemes muahahahaha *cough* I mean… Anyway, I was just wondering, how is the restocking going to look for the shop items? I see small amounts of each item currently, not sure if those will be an accurate representation of when the site is open. How often will items restock once they sell out? Thanks! NOW HURRY UP XD

We’re hurrying! We’re hurrying! The marketplace has a chance to restock multiple times per hour. It stocks a random amount of items, with random quantities per item. (Random within a threshhold. Whenever it restocks there’s a min/max it will stock.) The stock is completely dumped every 2 hours to prevent build-up of unwanted items.

angelicophelia asked: Oh! I had another question, I’m sorry. Will you guys maybe have a color/gene demo for us to play with? I just think it would be cool, especially pre-opening, to see what color combos look good with what. Also, to see what the genes would look like on existing dragons, or to see what an existing dragon would look like as a different breed. I’d love to be able to plan out my starter dragon in advance, but I know it’s probably a pain to code something extra like that now… *hopeful look*

We will not be offering a dragon generator demo, but you’ll be able to play with a mini-generator when you create your starter dragon. (Mini in that it’s limited to the starter breeds and basic patternless genes.) We decided against offering a generator that has all the options because it takes some of the discovery factor away from the community when it comes time to breed their dragons. As breeding is a core feature of the game, we want for the discovery of new results to be more meaningful. Being able to generate a preview of your perfect dragon takes a bit away from the accomplishment of breeding it.

Anonymous asked: Once a gene has been “put on ” a dragon, can it be removed from the dragon?

Applying a gene to a dragon is a permanent action. The dragon with the applied gene has had its genetics altered, and those alterations will be taken into consideration any time you breed the dragon.

Anonymous asked: Before the site opens, are you guys going to wipe your accounts?


Anonymous asked: Can you confirm some theories i have on the colorization of genes? As far as I can tell, with your first customized dragon you can select its basic colors. Things like the belly are different in color/tone to the basics as each color has an ‘accent’ which can be viewable in the image of the spirals under the color wheel. Primary, secondary and tertiary genes are patterned variations of the basic color using warmer and colder shadows but - will you be allowing us to choose a tertiary color?

The belly and horn colored are tied into the primary. We use prepainted images in a sort of puzzle-piece assembly system. Tertiary colors will only be visible on dragons carrying visible tertiary genes, such as circuit or gembond.

Anonymous asked: Will it be possible to name Familiars? And, if not, will this ever be an option in the future?

No, but that’s an excellent suggestion.

Anonymous asked: Hello there! I was a part of the Flight Rising Kickstarter and I was wondering when you guess you might be sending out the redemption codes for the various prize levels? Along the same vein, when do you estimate you can open Flight Rising to the public?

We will begin sending out redemption codes shortly after we announce our release date. We’ll make announcements on the kickstarter page as well as across all our social media when we begin sending out codes so that you know to expect its arrival.

Anonymous asked: How do the dragons treat their offspring? Do they treat/raise their offspring differently based off of what breed they are? Element?

That’s up to the player to determine. If you’re looking for “in-general”, then yes, different elements usually treat their offspring a different way based on element. Generally most dragon clans raise their offspring with care and affection, but that’s not always the case. As an example, part of the plague lore is that hatchings are expelled from the clan. They must survive the wilderness and the incubation of the plague inside them before they can return, following which they receive their names. The plague flight is all about survival of the fittest. Ultimately it’s up to the players how they want to write about their dragon clan. You could have a nurturing plague clan or a vile nature clan. It’s up to you! There’s no wrong way to write your story.

Gameplay-wise eggs have a chance to rot if not cared for daily, and hatchlings will grow from hatchling to adult in 5 days time across the board.

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